Why Have a Website When I Have a Facebook Page?

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A business can have a Facebook page for free. It costs nothing to create, no monthly or annual costs, it is already search engine optimised, and is quick and simple to set up. Does a business really need a website these days? If you are concerned with having to manage the ongoing running of a … Read more

Should My Website Have a Blog?

If you want more potential customers to find your website then yes, you should consider having a blog. A blog can help your SEO to improve your search results without cramming too much information on the main pages of your website. More Content Provides More Results A blog post is not that much different to … Read more

Brown Tourist Signs Website

Ever wondered where the brown tourist signs would lead you? Rubidyn has soft-launched a new website – https://www.brownsigns.net.au. The website is built by Rubidyn using WordPress hosted on our own server. A straightforward WordPress website wasn’t going to be able to achieve what was wanted when listing the brown sign destinations on the website. A … Read more

WordPress Websites

Website design and building has changed since the early days of the internet and the introduction of HTML. Web pages used to be little more than a plain text document with the addition of headings, links to other pages, and maybe some images. The HTML code was simple, and you didn’t worry about styling too … Read more