How To Download Your Facebook Content

Facebook on a phone with a wall of photos in the background

Want to save all of your photos and content from Facebook? Perhaps store it onto a USB drive or other place to keep a safe copy of it?

This is how you do it.

Use this link:

Select the date range you want the backup for. By default it is “All of my data”.

Select which parts of your information you want. All are normally selected but you can unselect the things you don’t want to backup so you only download what you want to keep.

Click on Create File and wait for Facebook to tell you your file is ready. If you have a lot of information, this can take a long time.

Download the file when it is ready. The file will remain available for a few days before being deleted automatically.

The file produced is a .zip file with all of the selected information contained within it.

You can find a list of available files to download by using this link:

Repeat the steps with different selections so you don’t have a single massive file to download. For example, you may download 1 year at a time or lesser time periods if you have a lot of pictures and videos. You can also separate the types of content into different files.

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