SSL Certificates

Improve visitor confidence by using a Trustwave SSL certificate to protect your customer’s private information to and from your website. We offer a range of SSL certificates to meet your needs and budget, up to EV SSL certificates providing a green bar in your browser for the best customer confidence.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

Security and trust is important for your customer confidence. An SSL certificate will show your company as the owner of the website, which increases the brand trust. SSL certificates were used only when personal and sensitive information is used, today trust is just as important. If that is not enough, having an SSL certificate will help with your website SEO, with https websites given a ranking boost from non https websites.

Modern browsers are starting to recognise websites with SSL certificates to be more trustworthy. Google Chrome will display Not Secure for any website without https when using Incognito mode, or when any information is entered in a form including Contact Us forms and site searches.

Types of SSL certificates

There are a range of types of SSL certificates you can use for your website. Here is a quick overview of the types we can provide.

Domain Validated

Domain Validated certificates are inexpensive and quick to add to your website. To obtain a domain validated certificate, you need to prove you own the domain you want to use it with. This makes it an easy and cost-effective solution, and securely encrypts information. For the astute customer, it may not offer the same level of trust and assurance a more thorough validated certificate can offer. A domain validated certificate will protect only 1 domain name.

Trustwave Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Organisation Validated

Organisation Validated (OV) certificates verify there is a real company in control of the website. The issuing certificate authority must do a basic level of validation on the company, not just for the domain name. Validation confirms domain ownership and checks the organisation exists. Trustwave organisation validated SSL certificates can protect up to 5 domain names, and automatically include www to each domain.

Trustwave Premium SSL Certificates

Extended Validated

Extended Validated (EV) certificates offer the highest confidence and trust to your customers, viewing your website in a green address bar. The validation process takes longer, more thorough than other certificates. Extended validation is ideal for e-commerce businesses and high profile brands that need the highest level of customer trust and confidence with their personal information. Protect up to 5 domain names with Trustwave EV SSL certificates.

Trustwave Premium EV SSL Certificates

Wildcard Validated

Wildcard Validated certificates are useful when you have many sub-domains you want to secure with one certificate. You may want to offer your customers a sub-domain with their company name, or have more than 5 sub-domains that can be accommodated by an organisational verified certificate. Then a wildcard validated SSL certificates are an adaptable choice.

Trustwave Premium Wildcard SSL Certificates

Certificate features

  • Compatibility with all major web browsers
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Lifetime reissuance
  • Trustwave warranty of up to $250,000