Chrome HTTP ‘Not Secure’ Label Going Red

Login form in Chrome browser with 'Not Secure' label changing from grey to red as text is typed

Chrome 70 released in October 2018 display a red ‘Not secure’ label when entering text on a website that doesn’t have HTTPS certificates. This is only 1 month after Chrome 69 dropped the green ‘Secure’ label from websites, displaying only a grey padlock for websites with an HTTPS certificate. Google is making these updates to … Read more

HTTP Websites are ‘Not secure’ With Google Chrome 69

Chrome browser with new tabs and address bar introduced version 69 released in September

The September release of Chrome 69 is the first major facelift since its release in 2008. The style changes are immediately noticeable when Chrome is loaded up the first time after the update has been installed. The tabs have a softer, lighter design with rounded tabs, replacing the dated angular grey tabs Chrome has used … Read more

Should My Website Have a Blog?

If you want more potential customers to find your website then yes, you should consider having a blog. A blog can help your SEO to improve your search results without cramming too much information on the main pages of your website. More Content Provides More Results A blog post is not that much different to … Read more

HTTPS Is Important For All Websites

It has been a month since writing HTTP is Not Secure, about the October release of Chrome version 62, and its introduction of viewing HTTP based websites as “Not secure”. So I thought I’d have a look at the usage of the new version of Chrome. In October 2017, Chrome 62 barely registered at only … Read more

Brown Tourist Signs Website

Ever wondered where the brown tourist signs would lead you? Rubidyn has soft-launched a new website – The website is built by Rubidyn using WordPress hosted on our own server. A straightforward WordPress website wasn’t going to be able to achieve what was wanted when listing the brown sign destinations on the website. A … Read more

WordPress Websites

Website design and building has changed since the early days of the internet and the introduction of HTML. Web pages used to be little more than a plain text document with the addition of headings, links to other pages, and maybe some images. The HTML code was simple, and you didn’t worry about styling too … Read more

Domain Name Types

Domain names end with an extension, called a top-level domain, or TLD. The most familiar is .com, but there are many choices to choose from. For most of us, we need to chose a suitable TLD, and check if the name we want is available (you can check by using our domain search page). What … Read more